We’ve been hearing life-changing stories from our staff, residents and advocates that we want to share with you.

Fighting cancer is a difficult journey. While every patient faces obstacles, the right team of caregivers can make all the difference. After several years of battling cancer, Mr. Marion Cannon* of Greensboro, Georgia was unable to continue chemotherapy treatments due to a lack of transportation and family support. With limited resources and severely diminished cognitive abilities, Mr. Cannon was left with little hope – until he met the TruHealth team. 

Mr. Cannon was paired with Jonathan, a TruHealth nurse practitioner, to regain control of his oncology treatment plan. “No one had ever asked him what he wanted in his cancer journey,” said Jonathan. “I wanted to make sure he had everything he needed and deserved.” Jonathan and the TruHealth team provided transportation and personal in-home care aides for Mr. Cannon. The team also scheduled his appointments and increased engagement with Mr. Cannon’s primary care physician. 

Through Jonathan’s work and in coordination with a TruHealth dedicated care manager, Mr. Cannon received the advanced care support and personal aide services he needed. The TruHealth team regularly met with local case management services to ensure he had access to the resources and support available to Georgia’s elderly and disabled Medicaid recipients.

This personalized, coordinated support for each patient is at the heart of the TruHealth model of care. As Jonathan points out, there was a whole team supporting Mr. Cannon and together they made a tough journey a little easier and it made a meaningful difference in his quality of life. 

*Patient name has been changed for privacy

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