Your ISNP Opportunity

ISNP Opportunity strategy

A Strategy for Challenging Times

Today’s residential nursing facilities are often expected to do more with less. Owners are constantly stretching their resources to serve residents who are sicker and need more hands-on care. In addition, your facility is often at the bottom of the healthcare reimbursement chain.

Let us help you ensure the highest quality of care with an institutional special needs plan (ISNP). This type of Medicare Advantage plan is a natural fit for nursing homes and gives you more control over your future.

Better Patient Care, A Healthier Bottom Line

American Health Plans has broad experience in both managed care and nursing home ownership, so you can depend on us to market and administer your ISNP successfully.

As a partner in a well-managed ISNP, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to healthcare spending for your members. You know your residents better than anyone. Together, we can leverage that expertise to deliver patient-centered care that’s also cost-effective.

ISNP Opportunity for better patient care

Our collaborative partnership, which includes frequent visits by care managers and mid-level providers, provides members living at your facility with:

  • Better treatment plans, medication management and care continuity
  • Hands-on care transitions
  • Extra services like vision care, dental care and additional physical therapy
  • Increased member satisfaction with your facility
  • By providing these services, you can reduce emergency room visits and hospital admissions or readmissions, thus bolstering your bottom line.

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