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Perhaps I am alone, but there are times where the term "#ProviderOwnedISNP" almost serves as an esoteric euphemism for the reality that nursing home owners and operators own Medicare Advantage Plans.

That is why I am going to flip the script over the next few days...

When I speak with nursing home owners and operators around the country, our conversation is appropriately focused on how American Health Plans Provider Owned ISNPs will impact their resident's Model of Care and facility economics.

But rarely do we dig into where we, as Provider Owned ISNPs, sit within the ¼ trillion dollar Medicare Advantage market.

There are a lot of directions to take this...
✔️ ISNP total market size
✔️ Long term strategic value of the Provider Owned ISNP
✔️ ISNP and a new administration
✔️ Capitalization of an ISNP vs Traditional Medicare Advantage Plans

... to name a few.

Anything I missed?

Humor me for a couple days and then we can get back to facility level details!