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Hank Watson, Chief Development Officer. ISNP Specialist

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Operationally, American Health Communities has collaborated with Walgreens and CVS in our vaccine roll out effort. But there were predictable gaps.

Fortunately – American Health Partners, Inc. family of companies includes our institutional pharmacy – AmPharm Inc.  Amy Cruse and her team stepped in and have been able to initiate a much more efficient & comprehensive roll out.

Nursing home owners and operators have owned and operated businesses ancillary to their facilities for years. Institutional Pharmacy, Advanced Practice Providers, Therapy, Lab.

But the ability to truly elevate the facilities clinical and economic standing is driven by the #ProviderOwnedISNP and control of first dollar premium.

TruHealth provides care management rather than RVU oriented visits
AmPharm Inc and Rehab America Inc collaborate with TruHealth on an integrated care plan under the American Health Plans Model of Care
American Health Communities provides skilled care without a pre-requisite three day hospital stay

All of those businesses provided great care prior to American Health Plans. But it was the Provider Owned ISNP that elevated their clinical purpose and economic standing.

That’s the power of the ISNP Ecosystem.

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